Water, the Multipure Way

Water is a key asset in healing the body.

Dehydration can cause or worsen fatigue, headaches, and high and low blood pressure.

It can contribute to respiratory troubles, urinary infections, and digestive disorders, including constipation.



Drinking pure, clean, uncontaminated water will greatly enhance your health.


Key organs in our body rely on water to function.


Here are a few:

Digestive system –Water helps you digest food and move your bowels properly.

Kidneys – Water helps them filter waste from your blood.

Brain – The brain is 90% water. Fatigue, depression, and headaches are linked to dehydration. Did you know that our brain actually shrinks when we're dehydrated, thus the headache?

Heart – Good hydration increases the efficiency of your cardiovascular system.

Lungs - Moist lungs help you breathe.

Joints – Your joints and discs are cushioned with water. Arthritic pain may be relieved with adequate water.


I use a Multipure water filter at my kitchen sink and in my shower. I appreciate knowing that I’m avoiding as many contaminants as possible, and I'm helping the environment.

I believe in TRULY CLEAN water and in this drinking water system so strongly that I’ve become an independent Multipure distributor.

Please visit http://www.multipureusa.com/mdennis to learn more.

Email me to discuss how water can help you heal.


Acadia National park, maine (photo: Melinda dennis)

Acadia National park, maine (photo: Melinda dennis)


Multipure filters offer the following:·      

 NSF certified to reduce up to 99.99% of the widest range of contaminants of any other filter available. Contaminants include lead, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, disinfection byproducts, and others.

  • Reduces arsenic* – a growing issue of concern in the gluten-free community
  • Leaves healthy minerals in the water (unlike reverse osmosis systems) which is important for those with malabsorption issues, like celiac disease
  • Only 23 cents per gallon*
  • Go green!! One Multipure filter is good for 750 gallons of water and replaces 8,000 (12 ounce) plastic water bottles
  • Out of over 8,000 brands on the market, Multipure’s filters hold the top 12 positions
  • Multipure also makes the only certified 'purifier' on the market that reduces 83 contaminants and is NSF Certified for bacteria and virus. If there is a “boil alert” in your city/state, you can keep drinking from your Multipure.
  • Counter top and below the sink models and refrigerator/ice hook-ups
  • Best warranty in the industry

*Aquaperform model that reduces 83 contaminants, including arsenic



You are welcome to email me to discuss how water filters can improve your health!


Banner Photo: Lower Hadlock Pond, Mt Desert Island, Maine