The Delete the Wheat Team

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Julie Bradley

Volunteer, Marketing/Retreat Assistant

I have a mother-bear like drive to help accelerate the learning curve for those on a strict, gluten-free diet.  When three members of my family were diagnosed with celiac disease, we found much appreciated support through local experts, but still had many unanswered questions.  My local and national support group brought Melinda in to train area adults, children and local dietitians and it made a tremendous difference in the way our restaurants, bakeries, and schools support those with celiac disease.  It’s my intense desire to pay it forward and accelerate this learning process for others.

My BS in Systems Analysis and my career background in Information Technology and Marketing are useful in helping Melinda and Delete the Wheat with marketing campaigns and getting the word out about gluten-free events, workshops, and dietitian trainings around the country. You can find me at many of Melinda’s wellness retreats coordinating the classroom activities, running the video, and helping everyone feel nurtured and at home. I look forward to meeting you!


Stephanie Wright

Volunteer, Web Design

My relationship with food as medicine blossomed just last year. Living with an undiagnosed auto-immune disorder, I have often felt powerless due to the lack of relevant information. But when a blood allergy panel revealed my serious sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and eggs, I decided it was a matter I could take into my own hands. The results were rapid: my severe eczema faded away; my perpetually upset stomach quieted down; my debilitating seasonal allergies all but disappeared. The autonomy I found in taking an active role in my nutrition was empowering. My restrictive diet has, in a sense, liberated me. Melinda’s drive to help others navigate similar roads is inspiring and important. It's my pleasure to work on Delete The Wheat, and to help increase the visibility of this life-changing initiative.

Though my initial BA and MA were in Art History (with a focus in 18th century French decorative arts), I am currently working towards my Didactic Program in Dietetics Certification to become a Registered Dietitian. My previous experiences with online platforms for a social enterprise and a non-profit allow me to assist Melinda with all that goes on behind the scenes at I hope you enjoy the site!