Culinary Coaching:

Personal Gluten-Free Cooking Classes at your Home

with Celiac Dietitian Melinda Dennis, MS, RDN

Do you:

  • Follow a gluten/lactose/dairy/soy/corn/grain/sugar or nightshade free diet?
  • Follow the low FODMAP diet? Vegan? Vegetarian? Have food sensitivities or allergies? 
  • Do you want to "eat healthy gluten-free" but don't have the time or the motivation?
  • Wish the ancient gluten-free grains weren't so mysterious?
  • Need solid, healthy recipes that will carry you or your family through a busy week?
  • Want someone at your side in the kitchen to walk you through the recipes?
  • Need to lose weight but can't stand the thought of counting calories and going on a diet?
  • Need some basic recipes for entertaining?
  • Desire more interesting breakfasts, satisfying lunches, and comforting dinners?

If this sounds like you, I can help!

Join me for 1 or more one-on-one cooking coaching visits in your home. Small group cooking classes (your friends or family) can also be arranged.

summer Quinoa, mint, and feta salad (Courtesy Jenn Knight)

summer Quinoa, mint, and feta salad (Courtesy Jenn Knight)


How It Works:.

  1. Chat with me by phone about your dietary needs and food preferences. Together we'll decide on the recipes (recipe options and ideas provided).
  2. We'll meet in your kitchen to prepare simple, balanced meals and/or snacks tailored to your diet and lifestyle.
  3. I'll bring all of the ingredients for the recipes we will prepare. You supply the kitchen and containers to store the finished meals in your freezer or fridge.
  4. We'll prepare the meals together and you'll have left-overs to enjoy!

Each class will be filled with cooking tips and experienced nutritional advice specific to your condition. You will also learn which foods, spices, and herbs are the most nourishing for your condition and which ones to minimize or avoid. I will introduce you to new flavors and ingredients.

Lovely herb Garden in Brugge, Belgium

Lovely herb Garden in Brugge, Belgium


+ Add on a Personalized Food Shopping Tour:

Join me at the grocery store of your choice before our class to gather the ingredients. Become an expert at speedy food label reading and healthy food choices. 

edible Nasturtium flower in bloom

edible Nasturtium flower in bloom

the lesser-seen side of chives

the lesser-seen side of chives


My Skills: 

15-year background in clinical nutrition, food science, and counseling those on the gluten-free and other special diets. Personally trained by professional culinary instructor, Jenn Knight, of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Serv-Safe and Allergen Awareness Certified.

I LOVE good, healthy food that calms inflammation (a big issue in autoimmune diseases) and supports the body in healing itself. I love growing organic vegetables and herbs in my backyard to take right into the kitchen and eat fresh. You are doing something wonderful for yourself-- both physically and mentally-- whenever you grow your own food, even if it's a single basil plant on your windowsill. Your body will thank you.

pretty veggie garden.JPG

And when you cook your own food, you have even more control over your own health.


Anyone can do it. I can show you how.

Email me at to get started.

green onion and me.JPG


  • Cooking sessions can be scheduled individually or in a series of 2 or more sessions. Discounts offered for 3 or more classes when paid in advance. Cash or checks accepted. No credit cards, please.
  • A 3-hour class for one person including instruction and completion of 2-3 dishes* and recipe handouts: $275 
  • A 3-hour class for 2-3 people including instruction, 2-3 dishes*, and recipe handouts: $375
  • A 5-hour combined shopping tour and cooking session for one person including label reading, savvy shopping tips, cooking instruction, and completion of 3 dishes plus recipe handouts: $500* 
  • A personalized shopping tour including review of detailed label reading, certification programs, overlooked sources of gluten and the selection of healthy, balanced ingredients and prepared foods specific to your dietary needs (1 ½ hours; $200) Click here for more details. 

You will also receive additional recipes for similar dishes to try on your own. There will be an additional charge for ingredients used during the class. You are welcome to supply some ingredients, if you choose. 

No charge for travel time if within 1/2 hour of me.

*Number of dishes depends upon complexity. You can select simple to more complex.

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