Personalized Gluten-free Grocery Store Tour

with Celiac Dietitian Melinda Dennis, MS, RDN

How It Works

I will: 

  • Discuss your current food choices and lifestyle
  • Guide you through a grocery store to highlight gluten-free/special diet products
  • Teach label reading to expand your food choices beyond those foods labeled “gluten-free”
  • Recommend options for healthy eating and nutrition specific to your gluten-free or other special diet
  • Coach you on how to determine if a food manufacturer has tested correctly for parts per million gluten contamination.

1 ½ hours: $200. $100 per hour thereafter. Flexible scheduling. In the store of your choice in Eastern Massachusetts. Longer distance travel fee may be applicable. Please call me to discuss out-of-state store tours.

We can visit Farmers' markets too!

We can visit Farmers' markets too!

Email me at to get started.

From pea harvest to plate!

From pea harvest to plate!

My gluten-free educational shopping trip with Melinda was an amazing learning experience that was both fun and informative but also so absolutely necessary for me...

She is so passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and gluten-free shopping that my future grocery trips will no longer seem overwhelming to me. What made this experience like Christmas to me is Melinda truly cares to make a difference in one's life and she certainly has done that for me. Thanks so much!"

-A patient, and now avid cook!


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