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Hurricane Relief for our Gluten-Free Friends

A task force of hospital celiac centers, nonprofit organizations and community leaders is facilitating gluten-free product donations and gluten-free/allergy-friendly designated monetary donations to food banks in areas affected by the hurricanes. To learn how you can help please visit:

And today’s email update from Tricia Thompson of Gluten Free Watchdog 

September 14, 2017

Hurricane Irma: We are in touch with someone on the ground in St. Croix. She is trying to help us figure out how to get gluten-free food to the shelters in St. Thomas. However, her communications with St. Thomas have been spotty at best. According to her emails, the damage suffered in St. Thomas and St. John is catastrophic. Shelters are open in St. Thomas. There are shelters in St. John but she doesn’t know how they fared. Many folks are staying with friends and family. “If someone has a house that's mostly intact, just needs a tarp, they will be keeping friends and family.” Food and supplies are getting to the islands via boat or military helicopters/planes. We will keep the community posted.

Thank you for caring. We truly are a remarkably supportive community.