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Pizza Cross Contact Report by Good Morning America

Dining out is one of the biggest challenges for a person living with celiac disease. And, to be frank, restaurants offer varying levels of safety from cross contact to those with celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. A pizza parlor, with flour flying in the air and settling on counter tops, utensils, and even the wait staff, is one area of significant concern. ABC News did a well-done segment entitled “Gluten-free pizza may not be safe from cross-contamination at restaurants.”

Take a look.

Unfortunately, two of the fifteen pizzas GMA ordered exceeded the FDA’s 20 parts per million threshold for gluten-free food, despite initial assurances to producers that the pizzas were safe for someone with celiac to consume.

Once again, I’d like to commend Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC for working behind the scenes on this, helping the team at GMA understand how to sample and test these pizzas. *

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 * I have no financial interest in Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC.